This loop will echo commands that would change the first substring old to new for any matching files or folders under your working directory.

for i in `find . -path ./skipme -prune -o -name "*old*"`; do
    newname=`echo $i | sed 's/old/new/g'`
    echo mv $i $newname

If you are happy with the result, remove the word echo and rerun the loop so that the mv command is executed instead of being echoed out. Note that this loop only matches the first instance of old in any filepath, so you will need to run it more than once if any of the intended files or folders have more than one substring matching old (e.g. my/old/directory/is/old.txt).

-path ./skipme -prune -o means don't check the filenames within the skipme directory. This isn't perfect, since it does not exclude the skipme directory itself from being renamed if -name's pattern matches it.